Internal projects completed for Preacher.



For Preacher's 2017 SXSW annual party, Victory Journal and claymation artist AXZD worked together to put on a live claymation experience.  Party goers could experience the claymation process close-up while AZXD animated throughout the entire party. While still an intern, my job was to transform a meeting room into a space to experience this live art. Using cut out pieces of Victory Journal and AZXD's work, I designed and installed these collages. In addition to that, I designed custom logos for the event that are integrated throughout the collages.



From custom dishwasher signs to trash can signs, part of what makes the Preacher office so special is the attention to detail. These are some of my contributions.


During my time as an intern, I was also tasked with designing and illustrating the Preacher Employee Handbook. Written by Rebecca Dreiling and Maxx Delaney. 

Role:  Designer     |     Agency:  Preacher